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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967-12Private foreign investment in 1965Research Department
1967-12Statistical Section.Research Department
1976-03Foreign private investment in Nigeria 1971-73Central Bank of Nigeria
1977-06A strategy for industrial within Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS).Ogunjobi, O.O.
1977-06External trade indices of Nigeria.Ajani, H. A.; Asogu, J. O.
1978-12A comparative analysis of the structure of commercial bank credit operations in Nigerian states: 1972-1975.Ogbe, N. E.
1978-12Trends in Nigeria's balance of payments and policy measures needed for self-relianceFalegan, S.B.
1978-12Statistical SectionResearch Department
1978-12Quaterly interpolation of constant price gross domestic product of Nigeria - 1963/64 - 1972/73Ajani, H. A.
1978-12The political economy of international cocoa agreement by C. E. Nemedia: a commentAkanji, O.O.; Nemedia, C.E
1978-12A stock market index for the Nigerian Stock ExchangePhillips, Toyin
1979-06The role of a central bank in an economyVincent, O.O.
1979-06Foreign private investment in Nigeria in 1975Research Department
1979-06Statistical sectionResearch Department
1981-06The determinants of private foreign investment in Nigerian manufacturing industries.Akinnifesi, E.O.
1981-06An empirical investigation of the demand for moneyNemedia, C. E.
1981-06Monetary developments during the first half of 1981Research Department
1981-06Statistical sectionResearch Department
1981-12Review of busines acrtivities in Nigeria in 1981Central Bank of Nigeria
1981-12Inter-sectoral financing in Nigeria in 1981Flow of Funds Office