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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-06Assessment of Nigeria's domestic debt sustainabilityRapu, S.C.
2008-12Asset price movement and derivatives: implications for risk-based supervision and effective monetary policy.Adedipe, B.
2007-12Asset Price Movements and Derivatives: implications for monetary policy in NigeriaSholarin, O.
2012-09Asset prices, credit growth and monetary policy in NigeriaUkpai, Kama; Yilkudi, Dinchi, J.; Ukeje, Hannah
2010-03The assymmetric effects of oil price shocks on output and prices in Nigeria using a Structural VAR modelMordi, Charles N.O.; Adebiyi, Michael A.
1990-06Asymetric price risk an econometric analysis of aggregate sow farrowings, 1973-86 by Russell Tronstad and Thomas J. McNeill in American Journal of agric. Economics, August, 1989Fakiyesi, O. M.
2014-06An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Approach to the Oil Consumption and Growth Nexus: Nigerian evidenceInuwa, N.,; Usman, H. M.,; Saidu, A. M.,
2014-06An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) approach to the oil consumption and growth nexus: Nigerian evidenceInuwa, N.; Usman, H. M.; Saidu, A. M.
1990-06Balance of trade announcements and movements in exchange rates - a review.Obaseki, P. J.
2001-09Bank lending behaviour and economic growth: an empirical analysis with implication for monetary policy formulation in NigeriaNnanna, O. Joseph
2003-06"Bank risk and deposit insurance" by Luc Laeven; the World Bank Economic Review, Vol. 16, No. 109-137, November 2002Sanni, G.K.
1994-12Bank supervision and the safety and sounness of the banking system: an early warning model applied to Nigerian dataNyong, Michael O.
2012-12Banking Regulation and Risk Management: an assessment of the BASEL market risk frameworkAbolo, Emmanuel M.
2010-03Banking Sector Crisis and Resolution Options in NigeriaKama, U
2010-12Banking sector reform and the manufacturing sector: the Manufacturers' Association of Nigeria perspectiveMike, Jide A.
2005-04Banking Sector Reforms and Bank Consolidation: Conceptual FrameworkAjayi, M.
2005-04Banking Sector Reforms and Bank Consolidation: the Experience of TurkeyOgubunka, U. M.
2005-04Banking Sector Reforms and Bank Consolidation: the Malaysian ExperienceUchendu, Okorie A.
2010-12Banking sector reforms and the industrial sector: the Bank of Industry experienceOputu, Evelyn N.
2002-12Banking supervision under West African Monetary ZoneAlashi, S. O.