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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03Is the Nigerian curricula in economics relevant for the Nigerian economy of the 21st century?Achilike, J.A.
2003-12-01Is the structure of African economies NEPAD compliant?Obadan, Mike I.
2001-06Issues in exchange rate policy design and managementObaseki, P.J.
2007-06Issues in Nigeria’s transport data for planning and international comparisonArosanyin, G.T.
2002-09Issues in reserve requirement and monetary management in NigeriaOtu, Moses F.; Tule, Moses K.
1988-06John Attipoe "multiple exchange rates in Ghana and Nigeria: expectations, experiences, prospects - an economic analysis'' Universidad de Gotinga, July 1987: 72 pages.Analogbei, F. C. O.
2011-12Keynote AddressSanusi, Lamido Sanusi
2012-12Keynote AddressSanusi, Lamido Sanusi
2009-12Keynote address at the CBN Executive Seminar , December 2009Sanusi, Lamido, Sanusi
2011-12Keynote address at the CBN Executive Seminar on "Financial Sector Development, Economic Growth and the Nigerian Economy”Sanusi, S.L.
2006-12Keynote address at the CBN Executive Seminar, December 2006Mailafia, Obadiah
2008-12Keynote Address at the 16th CBN Executive Seminar.Alade, S. O.
1995-12Keynote address at the 3rd CBN Executive SeminarOdozi, V. A.
2013-12Keynote address at the CBN Executive SeminarSanusi, L. Sanusi
1996-12Keynote Address at the CBN Executive SeminarUsman, Ismaila
2000-12Keynote address at the eighth CBN Executive Policy Seminar.Usman, S.
2014-12Keynote address at the Executive Seminar on exchange rate policy and economic management in NigeriaEmefiele, Godwin I.
2015-12Keynote address delivered at the 2016 Central Bank of Nigeria executive seminarEmefiele, G.I.
1990-09A keynote address on the occasion of the seminar on "foreign exchange management under the structural adjustment programme in Nigeria"Odozi, V.A.
2013-12Keynote Address: Executive seminar on “Global Capital Flows, Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Stability''Sanusi, Lamido, Sanusi