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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990-06Management of foreign exchange resources under Nigeria's structural adjustment programmeOjo, M. O.
1995-12Managing Nigeria's external debts: retrospects and prospects.Omoruyi, S. E.
2013-12Managing the downside risk of surging capital flows on financial stability in Sub-Saharan African countriesKalema, Veronica
2013-12Managing the Downside Risks of Surging Capital Flows on Financial Stability for Sub-Saharan African CountriesKalema, Veronica
1995-12Manpower training and development for efficient central banking: the CBN experience.Mohammed, S.
1991-03Marketing order impacts on farm-retail price spreads:the suspension of prorates on California-Arizona navel oranges by Gary D. Thompson and Charles C. Lyon in American journal of agricultural economics vol. 71, no. 3, August 1989.: a review.Akinyemi, A. K.
2006-03Matters arising from the Introduction of the Defined Contributory Pension Scheme in Nigeria: a policy proposalAkuns, J.S.
2005-03Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard's reserve accumulation: Implications for Global Capital Flows and Financial Market; Current Issues in Economics and Finance: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, September/October 2004: a review.Nwaoba, P. I.
2008-06Maximizing the impact of the new pension scheme in Nigeria: issues, prospects, and challenges.Amoo, B. A. G.,
2011-03Measuring competition in the Nigerian banking sectorNnaji, Ozoemena S.
2000-09-01Measuring the economic impact of the Federal Government budget: 1995-2000Doguwa, S.I.; Englama, A.
1985-09Merchant banking: statisticsOjo, Olu
1991-03Methodological notes on the computation of consumer price index, inflation rate and GDP deflator in Nigeria.Awoseyila, A. P.; Okonta, H. N.
2010-12Microcredit financing by deposit money banks/microfinance banks and the agricultural sector development in NigeriaAlegieuno, Joel
2011-12The Millenium Development Goals: what roles for the financial sector in NigeriaAremu, Jonathan
2011-12The Millennium Development Goals: what role for the financial sector in Nigeria.Aremu, J.
1996-12Mobilising domestic resources for economic development: the role of Central Bank of Nigeria and other financial institutions.Adewunmi, Wole
2003-12Mobilization of funds for NEPAD implementationKwakwa, Victoria
2011-09Modelling and forecasting exchange rate volatility in Nigeria: does one model fit all?Salisu, Afees A.
1981-06Monetary developments during the first half of 1981Research Department