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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12Microcredit financing by deposit money banks/microfinance banks and the agricultural sector development in NigeriaAlegieuno, Joel
2011-12The Millenium Development Goals: what roles for the financial sector in NigeriaAremu, Jonathan
2011-12The Millennium Development Goals: what role for the financial sector in Nigeria.Aremu, J.
1996-12Mobilising domestic resources for economic development: the role of Central Bank of Nigeria and other financial institutions.Adewunmi, Wole
2003-12Mobilization of funds for NEPAD implementationKwakwa, Victoria
2011-09Modelling and forecasting exchange rate volatility in Nigeria: does one model fit all?Salisu, Afees A.
1981-06Monetary developments during the first half of 1981Research Department
2003-03Monetary management and the current role of Bretton Woods InstitutionsUchendu, O.A.
2012-09The monetary model of exchange rate determination: the case of NigeriaYaaba, Baba N.; Bawa, Sani; ldrisa, Ali G.
2012-09Monetary policy and bank behaviour in NigeriaAbba, Muhammad A.; Musa, Abdulahi U.; Adigun, Mustapha A.; Adegbe, Olubukola
2007-12Monetary Policy and Economic Growth: Theoretical and Conceptual IssuesOmotor, D. G.
2002-09Monetary policy and exchange rate stability in NigeriaNnanna, Okwu Joseph
2008-12Monetary policy implementation and financial sector developments in Nigeria: the journey so far.Ajayi, M. A.
2014-01-22Monetary Policy January 22, 2014Central Bank
2007-12Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism in NigeriaAjayi, M.
2008-12Monetary policy, risk-based supervision and financial sector developments: international experience.Odusola, A.
1989-12Monetary stability and economic growth in Nigeria.Ahmed, Alhaji A.
2002-12Monetary union in practice: lessons from European Monetary Union.Tella, Sheriffdeen A.
1999-09Money and output interaction in Nigeria an econometric investigation using multivarate cointegration techniqueNwaobi, Godwin C.
1994-12The multiplier approach to money supply process in NigeriaDoguwa, Sani