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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-06Responsiveness of selected agricutural export commodities to exchange rate devaluation in Nigeria: an econometric analysisPhillip, Dayo O.A.
1989-03Retail price developments of selected consumer items in Lagos area during the first quarter of 1989General Economic Statistics Office, Statistics & Econometrics Division, Research Department
2000-09-01A revenue simulation model of value added tax in NigeriaAlade, S.O.
2018-12-30A review and analysis of agricultural prices in NigeriaAgricultural Studies Office, Research Department
2000-12Review and harmonisation of framework of fiscal and monetary policies for effective economic management in Nigeria.Oke, B.A.
1981-12Review of busines acrtivities in Nigeria in 1981Central Bank of Nigeria
1983-06Review of business activities during the first half of 1983.Research Department
1985-09A review of business activity January to June 1985Industrial Studies Office, Sectoral Studies Division, Research Department
2003-09A review of Nigeria's exchange rate policies since deregulation in 1986External Sector Division, Research Department
2009-12Risk exposure and management in cross-border bankingMuo, I.
2008-12Risk exposure and management in cross-border banking.Tella, S. A.
2006-09-01Risk-Based Capital Standard for Banks: a critiqueArua, N.
2006-09Risk-based capital standards for banks: a critiqueArua, N.
1979-06The role of a central bank in an economyVincent, O.O.
1991-06The role of central bank in the acquisition of foreign technology for national development.Oresotu, F.O.
2015-12The role of central banks during economic downturn: lessons and options for financing government programmes in NigeriaMordi, C.N.O.
1995-12The role of central banks in economic development.Ajayi, S. l.
2010-10-01The role of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in promoting borderless trade in West Africa.Akperan, A.J.; Kayode, S.G
2003-06The role of equipment investment in Nigeria's growth processAdam, James Akperan; Busari, Oladipo Tajudeen
2004-03The role of foreign direct investment and natural resources in economic development by Jose De Gregorio: a reviewGolit, P. D.