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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-12Harnessing the potentials of Nigeria's oil and gas for economic development.Ozumba, C.C.
2003-04Highway Maintenance in Nigeria: Lessons from other Countries-
2012-09How far has banks' efficiency changed overtime in Nigeria? : an empirical investigationFagge, A. I.; Hogan, E. B.; Odey, L. O.
2005-03How might financial market information Be used for supervisory purposes? by J. Krainer & J.A.Lopez, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Review 2003: a review.Omanukwue, P. N.
2009-09How much do trading partners matter for economic growth? by Vivek Arora and Athanasios Vamvakidis ++ - a reviewYilkudi, D. J.
2008-12How relevant is risk-based supervision for pension funds: the regulators perspective.Ibrahim, M. A.
1991-06Human development report 1990 United Nations development programme (UNDP) New York Oxfort University press, 1990.Arinze, A. I.
1988-06Igwe, B.U.N., Akinbinu, A.G. and Banwo, P.A., eds, 1987 small-scale industries and the development of Nigeria Ibadan: NISER,454 pp. (658.18 (669) N56).Anyanwu, C. M.
2010-10-01Impact of banking sector reforms on the Nigerian capital market (Equities)Adekunle, P.A.
1996-12The impact of external sector policies on Nigeria's economic developmentObadan, Mike I.
2016-03The impact of lending rate on the manufacturing sector in NigeriaAkpan, D.B.; Yilkudi, D.J.; Opiah, D.C.
2016-03The impact of lending rate on the manufacturing sector in NigeriaAkpan, D. B.; Yilkudi, D. J.; Opiah, D. C.
1996-06The impact of macroeconomic policy reforms on Nigerian agricultureOjo, M.O.; Akanji, O.O.
2008-06The impact of oil on Nigeria's economy: the boom and the burst cycles.Yakub, M. U.,
2004-10the Impact of Regulatory Sanctions on Banks for non-compliance with Foreign Exchange Guidelines: a case Study of 25 BanksOsaka, G. C.; Oputa, Newman C.; Tule, M K.; et. al
2008-12The imperatives of developing risk management framework for individual risk elements in Nigerian banks.Abolo, E. M.
2005-03The imperatives of e-banking for monetary policy in Nigeria.Bamidele, A.
2006-01Imperatives of National Savings: A Case for Adoption of Appropriate Benchmark Price for Crude OilOtu, Moses F.
2008-12Implementation of Basel II: any role for international financial institutions?Nwandikom, C. E.
2008-12The implementation of Basie II: issues, challenges and implications for Nigeria.Ibedu, O. K.