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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12Leadership and Corporate Governance: challenges for bank regulatorsNewman, Lucy Surhyel
2013-10-31Learning: Self DevelopmentAlade, Sarah
2003-12-24Legislative-Executive Relations and the Budgetary Process in Nigeria: an Evaluation of the 1999 ConstitutionRapu, Samuel C.
2007-03The lending channel of monetary policy transmission in Nigeria: vector autoregressive (VAR) verificationMbutor, Mbutor O.
2007-03-01The Lending Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission in Nigeria; Vector Auto-regressive (VAR) VerificationMbutor, M. O.
2010-12Lessons of financial sector regulatory reforms and challenges of real sector financing in Nigeria: a regional perspectiveAremu, Jonathan A.
2006-03Life insurance as a source of long-term savings in Nigeria: regulator's perspectiveChukwulozie, O.E.
2006-01Life Insurance as a Source of Lont-Term Savings in Nigeria: Regulator's PerspectiveChukwulozie, O. E.
2010-12The link between the financial (banking) sector and the real sector of the Nigerian economyMordi, Charles N.O.
1988-09Loan deliquency among small farmers in developing countries: a case study of the small-farmer credit programme in Lagos State of NigeriaBalogun, E.D.; Alimi, Adekunle
2011-06lslamic banking: how has it diffused?.Musa, Jubrin
1993-12Macro-Economic policy: an analytical frameworkTomori, S
2012-12Macro-Financial Linkages: implications or monetary and financial system stabilityChikezie, Frank
2012-12Macro-Prudential Policies and Financial Stability: a theoretical backgroundDuniya, Yusuf B.
2012-12Macro-Prudential Regulation and Effective Monetary PolicyTule, Moses K.
1997-03Macroeconomic determinants of domestic private investment in Nigeria: an empirical exploration.Chete, L. N.; Akpokodje, G.
2002-03The macroeconomic effects of higher oil prices, IMF Working Paper WP/01/14 By Benjamin Hunt, Peter Isard and Douglas Laxton: a review.Masha, Iyabode
2012-03Macroeconomic shocks and fiscal deficit behaviour in Nigeria: a VECM approach.Abeng, M. O.; Alehile, K. S.
2006-09Making health care accountable: why performance-based funding of health services in developing countries is getting more attention - a review.Igue, N. N.
2006-09-01Making Health Care Accountable: why performance-based funding of health services in developing countries is getting more attention. a reviewIgue, N. N.