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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-03The National Economic Reconstruction Fund (NERFUND): achievements, constraints and prospects.Phillips, E. A. O.
2010-03National Income Policy in a Deregulated Economy: the Nigerian perspective.Tule, M. K.
1992-06The need for discount houses in NigeriaOduyemi, O.S.
2003-12NEPAD: issues, progress and prospectUkpong, G.E.
2007-06New perspectives on inflation in NigeriaMasha, Iyabode
2005The new Settlement Framework: the Journey so farAlade, Sarah
1985-09The Nigeria national accounts: adequacy, prospects and extensions.Okah, G. O.
1998-03Nigeria's economic growth and foreign debt: an analytical re-examinationEssien, E.A.; Onwioduokit, E.A.
2001-09Nigeria's economic growth: performance and determinantsEssien, Abel Essien
2006-03Nigeria's external trade and the new perspective for its enhancementSanni, Ganiyu Kayode
2006-01Nigeria's External Trade and the New Perspectives for its EnhancementSanni, Ganiyu Kayode
2006-03Nigeria's external trade and the new perspectives for its enhancementSanni, Ganiyu Kayode
1988-06Nigeria's insurance industry in 1986.Statistical Surveys Office, Statistics and Econometrics Division, Research Department
1990-09Nigeria's insurance industry in 1988Statistical Services Division, Research Department
2014-09Nigeria's Monetary Conditions IndexTule, M. K.; Isah, A. M.; Okafor, P. N.; Pedro, I.; Ukeje, S. A.; Oji, K; Oladunni, S.
2014-09Nigeria's monetary conditions indexTule, M. K.; Isah, A. M.; Okafor, P. N.; Pedro, I.; Ukeje, S. A.; Oji, K.; Oladunni, S.
2009-12The Nigerian banking industry and cross-border trasactions post consolidationAbolo, Emmanuel M.
1998-06Nigerian discount houses: performance, problems and re-positioningEzeuduji, Felix U.; Babalola, J. Abayomi; Adegbite, M. Aderemi
1988-09The Nigerian experience of Structural Adjustment Programme - a Central Bank perspectiveOdozi, V.A.
1990-06The Nigerian financial markets: growth, performance, appraisal and prospectsOnyido, B. C.